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Keyshot for Alibre DesignKeyShot Logo

KeyShot is everything you need to create fast, accurate and amazing visuals. The Keyshot module comes standard with Alibre Design Expert and allows you to turn your Alibre 3D CAD designs into professional photorealistic images, very quickly.


Materials, lighting, backgrounds...
Keyshot let's you choose partmaterial from a vast library of materials - you can choose from woods, metals, plastics, stones, and even liquids. Set your own backgrounds and environments, define your own scene lighting, image perspective and image resolution - all done very quickly thanks to a extremely userfriendly interface.

Keyshot rendering 1024px

Above: 3D assembly in Alibre Design, rendered with Keyshot:
The fixture is in "stainless steel" and the part in the fixture is renderd with "red glass".