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CIMCO - cnc-editor, dnc, pdm

Cimco Edit

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CIMCO Edit - CNC program editor

CIMCO Edit is the worlds most popular NC-editor. With a installed base exceeding 60.000 it has become more or less a standard for CNC program-editing.


Advanced editing functions
CIMCO Edit can easily handle the most complex CNC files, the computers memory is the only limit. Special CNC functions include renumbering, search&replace, adjust feeds&speeds, macros like user defined cycles, backplotting (simulation of toolpath) and filecompare. The DNC link (optional) inside the editor can be configured to communicate over RS232 with any machinetool. With the Mazak option the Editor can also edit & view Mazatrol programs.

CIMCO and GibbsCAM
If you're running CIMCO as your favourite editor together with GibbsCAM, you can easily setup Gibbs so that CIMCO Edit is automatically launched when a CNCprogram is created.