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Basic 2.5D milling package

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GibbsCAM basic 2.5D milling
All GibbsCAM solutions include Freeform CAD, for easy and fast import and creation of part drawings. You'll find high end functionality such as offsets, ellipses, cam-curves and splines in Gibbs built-in CAD. The milling and drilling-strategies include offset- and zigzag pocketing, contouring with or without taper, spiralmilling for HSM, threadmilling and all the drillcycles you can think of.

Parametric & Associative
GibbsCAM's Associative toolpaths and Parametric geometries lets you program family of parts quicker than ever. Change the drawing parametrically, and click once to update all the associated toolpaths. With the text-tool you will be able to engrave any windows font, as a pocket or a contour. The more advanced 2.5D functions allow you to easily program pockets with topfillets, walltaper and bottomfillets, aswell as shapes with freeform-walls.

HighEnd Postprocessors
Our vast postprocessorlibrary with more than 10000 highquality posts lets you connect Gibbs to any CNC machinetool, and with the integrated 3D simulation the endresult in the machine will be exactly what you see on your PC's screen, WYSIWYG.

Powerful 3D Simulation
OpenGL based 3D simulation is included in all GibbsCAM milling modules, and offers interactive & dynamic zoom, panning, rotation and validation of undercuts etc. GibbsCAM also supports 3D Connexxion pointers such as Spacepilot and Spacetraveller for efficient and fast view-handling.