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GibbsCAM - fully integrated MachineSimulation
MachineSimulation can be added to all GibbsCAM milling, turning, millturn and MTM applications. It supports all types of CNC machines from simple 3axis upto multiple spindle lathes and 5axis milling machines.

Fully integrated - simulate changes "on-the-fly"
The MachineSimulator is fully integrated in GibbsCAM which means that simulation is 100% interactive. Any changes you make in your programming can be simulated "on-the-fly". With dual PC monitors you can actually have the simulator running constantly. It is fully integrated which means there is no need to "jump" between "CAM-window" and "SIMULATION-window". Setup of all fixtures, tools and toolholders in the machinesimulator is done automatically, the part setup will be exactly according to your CAM programming in GibbsCAM.

Build your own machine
A new machinemodel can be built directly inside GibbsCAM, or it can be imported from any CAD system as an assembly. When the model has been defined, all axisdirections, axis limits, toolchangepositions etc will be defined in the "build machine" environment in GibbsCAM.