GibbsCAM probing module

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GibbsCAM Probing OptionRenishaw Probe OMP60
CAM-integrated programming of probing operations.
This module provides a unique and very userfriendly environment for programming probes from inside the CAM system.

Many probingcycles
The software can support most probes and probingcycles,
like for example Renishaw. GibbsCAM offers BASIC, GENERIC,
and CUSTOM built probingcycles.

GENERIC probingcycle support includes:
- probing of workfixtureoffset (G54, 55, 56...), corner, singlepoint, pocket/boss etc
- measuring of position XYZ
- measuring of diameter
- measuring of midpoint
- support for if/else/goto variables, for adjusting tool length / diameter etc

Download Probing Brochure - click here

GibbsCAM Probing