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TMS - Tombstone Machining System

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The TMS module reduces programmingtime dramatically if you work with multipart setups on tombstones. Compared to traditional programming methods in CAM, this module can reduce time with upto 80% .

The idea with this application is simple
Program one part including axisrotations on the first part, and setup TMS to do the rest. TMS will eliminate the timeconsuming work when it comes to repeating parts. It will help you setup stocksolids and fixtures, create workfixtureoffsets and optimize machining order.

A complete solution
TMS can be added to all GibbsCAM solidsbased packages and is delivered in a bundle with all necessary software options. It comes complete with MachineSimulation for verification/simulation of partrepeats, and also a custom postprocessor that has the TMS logic built in for subprograms, clearanceplanes and workoffset handling.

If you program multipart setups in Tombstone machines, you should definitely consider GibbsCAM TMS.