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About RopeCAM

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RopeCAM - CNC programming of special threadsRopeCAM

RopeCAM is a standalone software specifically developed for CNC programming of so called "ropethreads", where in machining a standard lathetool or plungetool is used as opposed to using a "formtool" with the same shape as the threadprofile. These types of threads are very common in the mining industry, and are very timeconsuming to program without a efficient software for the purpose.

Support for many thread types
RopeCAM supports both ropethreads, trapezoid threads and buttress threads with userdefineable taper/sideanglle and top/bottom chamfers/radiuses. The turning routines support both roughing and finishing.

Easy to use
The threadshape is first defined in a graphical dialog. After this the increment (stepover) for the tool is defined, this controls the surface smoothness. The toolpath can then be simulated and finally the toolpath is converted to a CNC program for the CNC control of choice. The CNC program is typically a number of syncronised threadmoves (typically G32/G33). The postprocessor that creates the code can be easily modified by the user to suit a specific CNC machinetool.

NEW! RopeCAM v10

Key features:

  • Buttress thread NC-programming.
  • More advanced thread profile follow up.
  • Thread roughing by values given by user.
  • More advanced thread profile simulation with Zoom and speed control.
  • Possibility to measure tool from middle or from corner.
  • Possibility to programming flat proportion to thread top and/or bottom.
  • International regional settings.
  • Trapezoid thread, acme thread NC-turning.
  • Trapezoid thread, acme thread measurements table.
  • Possibility to add thread measurements and cutting parameters as comments to NC-code.
  • Theoretical Surface Roughnes (Ra) calculation.
  • Scallop Height calculation.
  • Buttress thread features (different side angles and radius).
  • Multible thread programming.
  • Selection of Thread profile machining direction (+/-).
  • Thread profile with rounded bottom.
  • Q-type NC-code for Mori Seiki lathes.
  • Project management, open, save, save as…
  • Variable pitch support for all thread type.
  • Entry/Exit taper.
  • NEW v. 10: Buttress thread With vertical flank (SIEMENS KUN 301.04 Standard).

RopeCAM samples